Fascia and Soffits

Our fascia boards are available in three unique styles – square, bullnose and ogee, as well as a wide range of different colours and finishes.

As well as the standard black, white, rosewood, mahogany, light oak, red, blue and green along with Irish oak, cream and grey which are becoming increasingly popular choices.

When having a fascia installed, the use of PVC should be taken into serious consideration. Unlike standard wooden fascia’s that require continual treatment and painting to sustain the exterior appearance of your property, PVC offers a weather-proof, low maintenance and highly affordable option.

In some cases, the maintenance of wooden fascia’s can be extremely high in cost, because accessing the fascia’s can be obstructed and difficult to access. This trouble is eliminated when using PVC as it sustains its colouring and remains resistant to the surrounding elements.

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