Our orangeries reflect the historical grandeur of their origins in Renaissance Italy but benefit from state-of-the-art design and materials.

We design every orangery individually, then our skilled craftspeople custom-build it here in the UK. Your safety and comfort are paramount, so we use high-tech security features and insulation for year-round use.

A conservatory incorporates more glass than an orangery, while an orangery will have much more brickwork that forms the frame and base of the structure. Typically, orangeries will have a flat perimeter roof with a centralised roof lantern, as well as a brick base built on a solid concrete foundation. Conservatories on the other hand have a pitched roof and a frame that runs from the roof edge down to the floor with little or no brick base. Orangeries tend to be more suitable for larger properties, and are also more suited for interconnecting properties, or for acting as a stand-alone garden room.

We combine very high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship to ensure our products are not only extremely energy efficient, but thermally dynamic also. Regardless of the choice of materials, our products make a great addition to any home or property, whether it’s for extra living space, storage space, or even for use as a new home office.

We combine safety, security and energy efficiency into all product design, ensuring maximum U-Value performance. Our products use multipoint deadlocking doors and bifold doors to maximise security. Our double and triple glazing options combined with precision manufacturing increase energy efficiency and reduce wasted energy. Our easiClean glass and solar control glass help to reduce excess heat build-up, as well as offering reduced maintenance routines.

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